My name is Justin Pyvis and Dismal Musings is my blog. The blog’s name was derived from Thomas Carlyle’s derogatory labelling of economics as a “dismal science”, because they opposed the reintroduction of slavery.

A bit about me: I hold a PhD in Economics and am currently employed by the Department of Treasury (Western Australia). I write about whatever I find interesting with all opinions expressed on these pages my own, not those of Treasury WA.

For the technically inclined, this website has no database and is compiled with Pelican, a Python-based static site generator. It uses a modified version of the Pelicanyan theme, itself ported from Lanyon, a mobile-first minimalist Jekyll theme.

Why Pelican? Having run my former business on CraftCMS I really wanted something a bit simpler to match the intent of this blog, so of course it had to be a static, database- and bloat-free content management system (looking at you, WordPress). That left Jekyll, Hugo and Pelican, with my decision made purely on the fact that Pelican is Python-based, the programming language with which I was most familiar.

New posts will appear directly on this website. If you would rather receive updates via email, I have a free newsletter (coming soon). If you prefer using a reader, there’s also an Atom feed.